Senior deputy manager, Smart community business, Public Policy at SOMPO Holdings Inc

Yumi Sato has a diverse work experience in various roles related to public policy, government relations, and public affairs. In their most recent role at Sompo Holdings (Asia), they serve as a Senior Deputy Manager in the Smart Community Business, focusing on public policy. Prior to that, they worked at FiNC Technologies as the Head of Public Policy & Government Relations.

Yumi Sato also has experience as a Public Policy Adviser at Makaira KK, where they provided guidance and insight on policy matters. YUMI has also worked as a Senior Manager in Government/External Relations at Gourmet Navigation Ltd., where they were responsible for building relationships with ministries and agencies.

Earlier in their career, Yumi Sato served as the Manager of Government Relations/Public Relations at the NPO Health and Global Policy Institute. YUMI achieved the establishment of the Japanese Parliamentary League to address Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) through advocacy and lobbying, and successfully planned and implemented public projects to improve mental health in affected areas.

Yumi Sato's work experience also includes serving as the Executive Policy Adviser/Policy Secretary to Members of Parliament in the Diet Office. In this role, they contributed to enacting bills, built and maintained relationships with political and industry groups, and was responsible for public relations. YUMI also worked as a Policy Analyst and published articles and research reports for major Japanese economic magazines.

YUMI began their career in politics, serving as the Head of Branch at Electoral Constituency and candidate for the seat in the House of Representatives for the Democratic Party of Japan. Prior to that, they worked as the Director of Public Relations/Public Affairs at Public Center Ltd.

Overall, Yumi Sato's work experience showcases their expertise in public policy, government relations, and public affairs, with a focus on influencing decision-making processes and building relationships with key stakeholders.

Yumi Sato attended Lewis & Clark College from 1989 to 1990. No degree or field of study has been specified for this period.


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  • Senior deputy manager, Smart community business, Public Policy

    October 1, 2020 - present

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