Superior Propane

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Superior Propane is the leading supplier for propane products and services in Canada. We provide your home or business with the warmth and energy you need, with less cost and less impact on the environment. Learn more.





Org chart

Rick Carron

Rick Carron

Jason Fortin
SVP, Business Transformation & Operational Effectiveness
James Carlsson
VP, Operations Support
Brian Seppala
VP, Regional Operations
Sam Mazzotta
VP, Marketing
Lisa O’Connor
VP, Finance
Gavin De Mello
Senior Director, Human Resources
Bill Gourley
Director, Indigenous & Government Affairs
Jim Reimer
General Manager, British Columbia & The Territories
Albert Furtado
General Manager, Alberta, Saskatchewan & Manitoba
Erol Bahadir
General Manager, Ontario
Doug Myles
General Manager, Atlantic
Vlado Carapina
General Manager, Customer Operations
Jill Siegfried
Director, Health, Safety & Environment
Troy Jennings
Director Of IT Infrastructure
Kevin Latham
Director, Credit & Commodity Risk Management
Nick Nagy
Director Talent & Organizational Development
Lauren Koval
Senior Manager Employee Experience
Chrl James Murphy
Human Resources Business Partner
Brian Brandsgard
District Manager - Stittco & Alberta Oil Sands
Dean Barriere
General Manager
P.eng. Erol Bahadir
Vice President - Logistics And Customer Care
Eric Mueller
Regional Operations Manager
P.eng Gerry la Framboise
Regional Operations Manager
Mallory Doggett Cpa, Ca
Business Manager, Pacific Region
Robert Trerise Cpa
Business Manager
Bianca Bondy
National Operations
Brian Hurlburt
Business Manager - Ontario Region