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Org chart

G. Brint Ryan
Chairman & CEO

G. Brint Ryan

Ginny B. Kissling
Global President & COO
David Oldani
Tim Wagner
Robert Wertz
SVP, Chief Real Estate Officer
Rebekah Gardner
SVP, Chief Clients & Markets Officer
John Smith
SVP, Chief Legal Officer & General Counsel
Doug Deason
President, Deason Capital Services, LLC
Brendan F. Moore
President, Ryan International
Abraham Zilkha
Partner, Ares Private Equity Group
Tom Andrews
SVP, Data Products & Services
Matt Cwiertnia
Partner, Co-Head of the Ares Private Equity Group
Gerry L. Ridgely
EVP & Vice Chairman, Emerging Businesses
Marykay Manning
SVP, Strategic Recruiting
Joe Mileti
SVP, Corporate Development
Kevin Hassett
Managing Director, Milken Institute
Gary Newell
Principal & SVP, Corporate Development
John Minogue
Principal, Property Tax
Greg Rottjakob
Principal, State Income & Franchise Tax
Sandra Cawley
Principal & Regional Leader, Valuation
Chris Sant
Principal, Indirect Tax
Michael Thompson
Principal, Research & Experimentation Tax Credit
Oscar L. Garza
Principal, Transaction Tax
Amanda Goody
Principal, Property Tax, Compliance
Sonja Roman-Molina
Principal, Abandoned & Unclaimed Property
Daniel Swift
Principal, Property Tax
Charles Johnstone
Principal, Property Tax
Gina Rodriquez
Principal, Ryan Advocacy
Zach Levitt
Senior Principal, Onex
David A. Douglas
Principal, Practice Leader
Teresa Sharp
Principal, Property Tax Compliance
Aaron Evans
Principal, Transaction Tax
Suzanne C. Den Breems
Principal & Practice Leader, Europe
Amir Motamedi
Managing Director, Onex Partners
Ben Knock
Managing Director & VP, Value-Added Tax
Rahul N. Merchant
Director, Dallas Venture Capital
Rita Bartgis
Cherif Belkouche
Principal & Regional Leader, Property Tax
Mark W. Bennett
Principal, Transaction Tax
Kris Miller
Principal, Client Services
Matthew M. Zagotti
Principal, Transaction Tax
Rob Foster
Principal, SVP, Tax as a Service
Brad Gorski
Principal, Property Tax
Adam Davis
Principal, Property Tax
Jim Motes
Sandra P. Smith
Principal, Sales & Use Tax
Michel Ducharme
Principal, Sales Tax
Matthew Lowell
Principal, Credits & Incentives
Rick Edwards
Josh Booth
Walter E. Gardisch
Principal, Sales Tax & Practice Leader
Michael D. Willer
Principal, Transaction Tax
Walt Sigerich
Principal, Client Services
T.J. Schoenemann
Principal, Property Tax
Grant R. Steinhauser
Principal, Property Tax
Marcus A. Capouano
Principal, Property Tax
Dana W. Malone
Principal, Client Services
Andy Taylor
Principal, Client Services
Robert K. Hoyt
Principal, State Income & Franchise Tax, Income Tax
Jonathan Hull
Principal, Property Tax
Ravi Shrivastava
SVP, Chief Technology & Data Officer
Jason Keever
President, Tax.com
Peter Kustec
Principal, SR&ED
Josie Lowman
Principal, Insurance Tax
Leroy Dougherty
Principal & VP, Incentives Technology
Kyle Thompson
Principal, Transaction Tax