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For more than 100 years, The Rockefeller Foundation has brought people together around the globe to try to solve the world’s most challenging problems and promote the well-being of humanity. Today, in a world capable of so much, it is unacceptable that there are still so many with so little. That’s... Read more





Rajiv J. Shah

Rajiv J. Shah

Natalye Paquin Page
Chief Operating Officer
Maria Kozloski
SVP & Chief, Innovative Finance
Bruce Gellin
Chief, Global Public Health Strategy
Cory Darden Milam
Vice President And Chief Technology Officer
Erica Guyer
General Counsel & Corporate Secretary
Mike Muldoon
Chief of Staff
Zia Khan
SVP, Chief, Innovation
Elizabeth Yee
EVP, Programs
Ashvin Dayal
SVP, Power
Roy Steiner
SVP, Food Initiative
Eileen O'Connor
SVP, Communications, Policy & Advocacy
Naveen Rao
SVP & Senior Advisor to the President, Health Initiative
Eason Jordan
SVP, Connected Leaders
Dwayne Montaque
Vice President Finance
Mies de Koning
Vice President Human Resources Organization Development
William Asiko
VP, Africa Regional Office
Deepali Khanna
VP, Asia Regional Office
Sarah Troup Geisenheimer
Vice President, Innovation
Ashley E. Chang
Managing Director, Media Relations
Ronald Chen
Managing Director
Christine Schoppe
Managing Director, Operations
Danielle S. Goonan
Managing Director, Economic Policy Investments, Equity & Economic Opportunity
Stephanie Dreyer
Managing Director, Multimedia And Digital Content Strategy
Susan Riehl
Managing Director Human Resources
Michael Tremayne Brown
Director, Grants And Contracts Management - RF Catalytic Capital
Jennifer Roman
HR Director, RFCC
Demetrius Dudley
Executive Assistant To Chief Operations Officer