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The Smarketers makes it a goal to help organizations grow by implementing the right strategy for their sales and marketing teams, as well as, align them to maximize ROI for the organization.





Org chart

Enoch Pakanati
Co-Founder and CEO

Enoch Pakanati

Indrani Gope
Head, Content Marketing
Krishna Kotha
Social Media Manager
Surekha Gurijala
Data Research Manager
Kasturi Das
HR Manager
Bhargavi Kuna
Senior Business Development Representative
Suresh Kumar
Creative Graphic Designer
Deepika Durbha
Sr. Manager - Accounts & Growth
Niranjan Reddy Jalla
Web Development Lead
Sri Krishna Kotha
Director - Strategy & Delivery
Ruksana Rajan
Marketing Executive
Mohit Gola
Search Engine Optimization Specialist
Aarushi Bhatt
Marketing Manager
Alekya Ettaboina
Digital Marketing Specialist
Jessica Thomas
Senior Manager Growth Marketing
Sunil Marepally
Senior Manager - SEO & Analytics | ABM | Inbound Marketing