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Tome is a storytelling tool grounded in the idea that you shouldn’t spend more time designing slides than you do crafting your point. It's great for strategy, design, data, or even a personal message.






Org chart

Keith Peiris
Co-Founder and CEO

Keith Peiris

Henri Liriani
Co-Founder, CPO
Kian Kolahdouzan
Customer Success Lead
Ves Stoyanov
Head of Artificial Intelligence
Dave Dash
Head Of Infrastructure Engineering
Davis Gossage
Software Engineer
Ema Milojkovic
Full Stack Engineer
Fatima Ali
Software Engineer
Jack Reed
Software Engineer
Jeong Woo Chang
Software Engineer
Sang Ahn
Software Engineer
William Fortin
Staff Software Engineer
Drew MacNeil
Full-stack Software Engineer, AI Product Engineer, Tech Lead
Luiz-Otavio Zorzella
Software Engineer
Medha Gupta
Software Engineer
Michael Mikhailov
Software Engineer
Jimmy Fang
Software Engineer
Saagar Godithi
Software Engineer
Simon Peter
Software Engineer
Alex Cannon
Creative Director
Fiona Carty
Social Media Manager
Kayte Min Korwitts
GTM Content Marketing | Integrated Comms
Jessica Kassel
Recruiting Lead