Trustpage lets your entire team collaborate and communicate trust with customers, because building a strong security program is hard but demonstrating it and communicating it shouldn't be. With Trustpage, you can easily remove bottlenecks in the sales process, increase customer confidence, and give your team back time. By building a foundation of trust early and often, companies and engage and interact around what...


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Chase Lee
Founder & CEO
Ivan Sugerman
Head of Product Engineering
Emilie Eros
Chief of Staff
Jarell Lloyd
Director of Trust
Mara Willemin
Director of Product-Led Sales
Devon Malloy
Growth Manager
Ivan Huynh
Product Design
Mitch Kuchenberg
Senior Data Engineer
Emily Jansen
Director of Marketing
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Meet Trustpage's Founder & CEO: Chase Lee

Meet Trustpage's Founder & CEO: Chase Lee

A Detroit-based, venture-backed startup is encouraging businesses to rethink cybersecurity amid a fast-changing technology landscape. Trustpage is the brainchild of Chase Lee, a serial entrepreneur and tech leader looking to make it easier for people to trust the software they rely on, and the people who make it. “Trustpage is all about aligning security and privacy with business incentives, and ultimately aligning profits,” he says. “What we're trying to do with Trustpage is show that you can use security and privacy as a business tool and a way to ultimately grow and get into new markets faster.” Chase has been interested in computers and technology for as long as he can remember. He was taking apart and reassembling computers on the living room floor at just three years old and taught himself how to code by reading books and magazines. The only child to a single Mom, Chase started working in computing at a young age to help put food on the table. His Mom had lost her job in the economic recession that followed 9/11, and Chase’s computing skills not only provided for his family but opened his mind to the possibility of being an entrepreneur. “I was building puzzles for white hat hackers to practice their skills,” he says. “It was helping me learn how to harden systems, which obviously has some relevance to what we're doing with Trustpage today. But for me, at not much more than 10 years old, it was kind of becoming an entrepreneur out of necessity.” Chase fostered his entrepreneurial side with a degree in Business Administration from the University of Michigan. By the time he graduated in 2013, he’d already worked for a handful of different startups and companies as a developer and engineer and had even co-founded two companies. One of those companies, a mobile productivity and collaboration app called Fetchnotes, won an Apple Editor's Choice award and was acquired by marketing platform Drift. He also built and sold his next company, Ambassador. “Ambassador was where I really learned all of the pains and problems around the security industry,” he says. “I knew it from a technical standpoint, but that taught me the business implications and outcomes of not doing security well. Ultimately, that experience drove me to move on and do Trustpage. “We’ve seen all sorts of recent examples of security gone wrong, from what happened with Edward Snowden, Cambridge Analytica, various social media platforms, and even in the political sphere with elections. All of these issues have made their way into the Zeitgeist in a way that everyday people are starting to care about them in the way that I always have.” Chase now boldly encourages his clients to update their thinking about security in the same way they update their infrastructure. “It’s time we realize that trust is not a cost center but an asset, and we need to create the incentives necessary to align profits with protecting data. Before we crumple under the massive weight of cybercrime we must create a race to the top for security among businesses.” When he’s not working, Chase enjoys hanging out with his young son. He admits Trustpage is essentially like a second child, which doesn’t leave much time for other hobbies like rock climbing, kayaking, and wakeboarding. He was getting into improv comedy before the pandemic hit but hopes to be able to pick it back up in a post COVID world. Trustpage is currently hiring, come join the team!

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