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Org chart

Jorge Moreira Da Silva
Under Secretary General & UNOPS Executive Director

Jorge Moreira Da Silva

Sonja Leighton-Kone
Assistant Secretary-General & Deputy Executive Director
Lilian Nyang
Acting CFO
Hilary Balbuena
Chief of Staff, Executive Office
Nicole Jordan
General Counsel
Bana Kaloti
Director, Middle East Region
Fabrizio Feliciani
Director, Latin America and the Caribbean Region
Peter Browne
Director, Communications Group
Raad Yousif Gilyana
Director, Shared Services Centre
Sanjay Mathur
Director, Asia Region
Émilie Potvin
Director, Partnerships and Liaison Group
Dionyssia Geka
Acting Director, Global Portfolios Group
Berkan Manaigo-Vekil
Director, Ethics Office
Abdoul Dieng
Director, Internal Audit & Investigations Group
Valerie Kushata
Director, People & Culture Group
Anne-Claire Howard
Director, Procurement Group
Dalila Gonçalves
Acting Director, Africa Region
Oren Ginzburg
Director, Process Innovation & Digitalization Programme
Steven Crosskey
Acting Director, Infrastructure & Project Management Group
Tim Lardner
Acting Director, Europe & Central Asia Region