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Org chart

John-Arne Røttingen

James Thomas
Chief Information Officer
Jimmy Volmink
Chief Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Officer
Richard Eales
Interim CFO
Chris Bird
General Counsel & Company Secretary
Tariq Khokhar
Head, Data for Science & Health
Katie Anastasi-Frankovics
Head, Translation & Portfolio Integration
Morag Foreman
Head of Discovery Researcher
Julia Kemp
Head of Major International Programmes
Diego Baptista
Head, Research & Funding Equity
Rachel Huxley
Head of Mitigation
Alethea Cope
Head of Translation
Christiane Hertz-Fowler
Head, Directed Activity
Alyson Fox
Director, Research Funding
Miranda Wolpert
Director, Mental Health
Alexander Pym
Director of Infectious Disease
Michael Dunn
Director, Discovery Research
Alan Dangour
Director, Climate & Health
Cheryl A. Moore
Director, Research Programmes
Karen Chadwick
Finance Director
Mark Henderson
Director, Corporate Affairs
Kathy Poole
Director, People
Aki MacFarlane
Employee Director & Open Research Specialist
Alex Harris
Associate Director, Government Relations & Strategic Partnerships
Beth Thompson
Associate Director, Policy
Philomena Gibbons
Associate Director, Transition & Legacy
Jaspreet Turner
Senior Research Manager, Modelling
Ana Cehovin
Senior Research Manager, Microbial Communities & Reservoirs
Natsuko Imai
Senior Research Manager, Disease Tracking
Esther Kamau
Senior Manager, Discovery Research Relationships
Chris Hassan
Senior Research Manager
Deeva Agravat
Research Manager, Human Investigations & Challenge
Petra Fay
Research Manager, Microbial Communities & Reservoirs
Claire Mooney
Researcher Networks Manager
Emma James
Research Manager
Marion Mercier
Research Manager, Directed Activity
Gwydion Williams
Technology Manager, Discovery Research & Mental Health
Tayla McCloud
Research Manager, Mental Health Translation
Lauren Mills
Research Manager
Sarah Christie
Organisational CEDI Lead
Farrah Nazir
Insights & Learning Lead
Georgina Mackenzie
Research Lead, Tissues, Organs & Organisms
Julia Abernethy
Technology Lead, Climate, Health & Infectious Diseases
Lisa Murphy
Technology Lead, Discovery Research & Mental Health
Robin Nataf
Policy Lead
Zoe Molyneux
Policy Lead
Arthy Hartwell
Policy Lead
Ignacio Vázquez
Policy Lead
Lillian Hulme
Team Coordinator
Ashley Sumner
Executive Assistant
Anjuli Sharma
Project Officer
Ann Singer
People Team Officer, Interim
James McCan
Project Officer
Maria Nabatanzi
Project Officer
Lorraine Holland
Project Officer, Discovery Research & Mental Health
Donna James
Project Officer, Climate, Health & Infectious Diseases