WHP Global

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Owners and Brand managers of $4 billion in global retail sales with plans to deploy significant capital into acquiring more brands in the future.





Org chart

Yehuda Shmidman
Chairman & CEO

Yehuda Shmidman

Stanley Silverstein
Chief Commercial Officer
Matthew Finigan
Chief Financial Officer
Scott Book
Chief Talent Officer
Gregg Donnenfeld
Chief Legal Officer & General Counsel
Jamie Uitdenhowen
Executive Vice President, Toys“r”Us
Tony Assorgi
Senior Vice President, Fashion
Margaret Kivett
Senior Vice President, Lotto
Eva Platini-Hernandez
VP of Business Development
Lauren Montemaro
Vice President, Business Development
Inssaf Najid
Vice President, Business Development
Jameel Spencer
Head of Marketing & WHP+ Advisory Board Member
Ron Breakstone
Head of Digital, WHP+
Niki Li
Lead Graphic Designer
Jeffrey Jones
Vice President Of Merchandising