Joey Chau

Associate Frontend Engineer at ZenHub

Joey Chau is an Associate Front End Engineer at ZenHub. Prior to this, they were a Mentor at Juno College of Technology, where they provided assistance to new and current students in troubleshooting their code through live-debugging sessions, and scheduled 1-on-1's for walk throughs with job-seeking students on algorithm-based problem-solving techniques in preparation for tech interviews.

Before that, Joey worked as a Quality & Project Engineer at Alcohol Countermeasure Systems Corp, where they assisted Product Managers in determining customer requirements, developing project timelines, and presenting weekly status updates to clients. They also designed devices to prevent potential manufacturing issues in accordance with Poka-Yoke error-proofing methodologies, and developed procedures to improve adherence to ISO 9001, IATF 16949, ISO 14001, and ISO 17025 for Canadian headquarters and subsidiaries in Europe and China. Additionally, Joey managed the quality assurance department at the company's manufacturing facility in China, and conducted internal audits and managed implementation of action plans.

Prior to working in Quality & Project Engineering, Joey was a barista at Starbucks.

Joey Chau began their educational career at Juno College of Technology, where they earned a Bachelor of Applied Science in Mechanical Engineering. Joey then went on to study at the University of Toronto, where they earned a degree in the same field.

They work with Eugene Grigorenko - Back End Engineer, Niall Lennon - Senior Front End Developer, and Will Donohoe - Senior Front End Engineer. Joey Chau reports to Ev Haus, Head of Engineering.


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  • Associate Front End Engineer

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