Zivver is a user-friendly solution for secure email, file transfer and video calling, straight from your familiar email programme. This enables you to prevent human errors, encrypt your data against hackers and keep control of the information sent.






Org chart

Wouter Klinkhamer

Lukas Valkenburg
Director Sales & Co-founder
Rick Goud
Co-founder & CIO
Alisha Khera
Financial Controller
Reinout Bautz
General Counsel
Anita Mavridis
VP of Product
Robert Hartley
Head of Digital Marketing
Anthony Poole
Head Of Revenue Operations And Data
Elizabeth Schermerhorn
Head Of Delivery
Saskia Faber
Head Of Customer Operations
Ewoud de Ronde
Director of Customer Success
Yvette Mommen
Director People & Recruitment
Bastiaan Broere
Senior Account Manager
Precilia Godart
Partner Development Manager
Stefan Zuurbier
Project Lead
Michael de Mol
Strategic Alliances Manager
Vincent Leeuw
Sr. Project Lead
Rob Coenen
Project Lead
Mariana Godoi Carlos
Senior Talent Acquisition Partner
Liliia Sahbani
Talent Acquisition Partner
Paloma M.
Business Development Executive
Sera Kantor
Customer Success Operations Analyst
Sam van der Roest
Junior Technical Support Specialist
Teije Haakma
Revenue Operations Specialist
Nick Feltwell
Business Development Representative
Owen Masters
Business Development Representative
Alwin Schoemaker
Co-Founder & Principal Engineer
Davi Trindade
DevSecOps Engineer
Hyan Costa
Senior Infrastructure Engineer
Sasha Patapniou
Infrastructure Engineer, DevOps
Jack Housego
Junior Software Engineer
Varsha Tiwari
Senior Software Engineer in Test
Anubha Agarwal
Senior Software Engineer in Test
Jurre Lagerweij
Senior System Administrator
Mehmet Erol
Senior Software Engineer in Test
Baris Yuksel
Software Engineer, Backend
Laurens Hellinger
Senior Software Engineer, Backend
Jim Jenkins
Senior Data Analyst
Vladimir Manolache
Senior System Administrator
Chris Stanley
Senior Security Engineer
Dusan Maravic
QA Engineer
Mehmet Erol
Senior Software Engineer in Test
Anubha Agarwal
Senior Software Engineer in Test
Valentin Henry
Software Engineer, Backend
Lars Jürgensen
Junior Software Engineer, Backend
Gaurav Soni
Senior Software Engineer, Frontend
Alexis Peyrard
Junior Infrastructure Engineer
Peter Hole
Infrastructure Engineer
Tiia Mattila
Scrum Master
Nikola Salim
Junior Software Engineer, Frontend