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The Top 5 Easiest Org Chart Makers

By Clayton Spangle

Last updated: Feb 15, 2023

We scoured the internet looking for the five easiest programs to make an org chart on. Check out which one works best for your company here!

An organizational chart should be an integral part of any company’s operations. An org chart will help you:

  • Hire quality employees
  • Onboard talent faster
  • Encourage a healthy company culture
  • Boost productivity through your organization

If you haven’t created an organizational chart for your company yet, there’s no better time than now. However, setting up an org chart isn’t always easy. Without the right tools, designing a new chart can be frustrating and time-consuming.

Fortunately, you can get the benefits of an org chart without the hassle. In this guide, we’re looking at five of the easiest org chart makers available today.

1. The Org

The Org is more than just an org chart maker. It’s a public platform that lets companies create charts for their organizations and share them with the world — for free. Once you sign up, The Org guides you through the whole process of creating and customizing your org chart.

The Org is renowned for its user-friendly interface. No technical skill is required to take advantage of The Org’s many features. You can even auto-generate an org chart by syncing The Org with your HR management system, applicant tracking system, or Slack account.

Perhaps the main claim to fame for The Org is its rich company pages and employee profiles. Companies can publish important information about themselves, such as:

  • Company bios
  • Photos
  • Updates and press releases
  • Social media links
  • Employee reviews
  • Open job opportunities

Employees can also add a variety of professional and personal details to their profiles. In both cases, the process is designed to be as quick and easy as possible. In short, The Org aims to give you all the benefits of a public org chart with none of the headaches.

Best of all, The Org is completely free — with no paid plans or hidden fees.

Pricing plans:

The Org is completely free.

Visit The Org’s website.

2. Organimi

Organimi has made a name for itself as one of the easiest org chart tools. In fact, the company’s tagline is “Organimi: the easy organizational chart maker.”

That easiness is in large part because it shuns many of the additional features offered by other software. This bare-bones approach makes it perfect for companies who just want a basic org chart with minimal frills. For example, Organimi org charts don’t feature the richly detailed employee profiles that The Org does.

Organimi is compatible with most HR management systems, and users can even auto-generate an org chart with an imported CSV file. Regardless of whether you generate an org chart or build it from scratch, Organimi makes it easy to customize your chart as desired.

Pricing plans:

  • Basic: $10 per month
  • Premium: $20 per month

Visit the Organimi website.

3. Sift

Sift goes in the opposite direction from Organimi, zeroing in on employee profiles as a primary feature. Billing itself as a “people directory,” Sift lets companies create thorough profiles for employees, which can then be arranged into an org chart. These profiles can display the employee’s:

  • Job title
  • Contact info
  • Skills
  • Education
  • Experience
  • Language
  • Interests

Of course, you don’t have to fill out each individual profile. As with most org chart makers on this list, Sift can sync with your HR database to automatically generate an org chart. Then, once your chart is created, employees can then customize their own profiles as they wish.

Pricing plans:

  • Starter: $1.50 per employee profile per month
  • Pro: $2.50 per employee profile per month
  • Enterprise: Custom pricing

Visit the Sift website.

4. Gliffy

Gliffy is a multi-purpose diagramming tool useful for creating:

  • Wireframes
  • Mind maps
  • Flowcharts

…and of course, org charts. Gliffy is very popular for org charts. Some users compare it to Microsoft Visio — but with an even more intuitive interface. In particular, Gliffy’s drag-and-drop functionality has earned praise for its ease of use.

On the other hand, as with some other options on this list, Gliffy steers clear of any frills. Gliffy’s diagrams are simple and easy to make, but don’t expect rich employee profiles or in-depth analytics reports.

Pricing plans:

  • Professional with 1–9 users: $8 per month
  • Professional with 10–50 users: $6 per month
  • Enterprise: Custom pricing

Visit the Gliffy website.

5. Microsoft Visio

Founded in 1992, Microsoft Visio is by far the oldest entry on this list. Despite its age, however, Visio remains one of the most popular org chart makers on the market.

As you might guess, Visio is part of the Microsoft Office suite, along with other products from Microsoft like Teams, OneDrive and Excel. Like Gliffy, Visio is built for general diagramming purposes, which naturally includes org charts.

While Visio may not always be as easy to grasp as some options, it still merits a place on this list due to its recognizable Microsoft format. Companies who are already familiar with Microsoft products will have no trouble understanding Visio’s layout and functionality.

However, because Visio is a Microsoft product, there is no app available for Apple devices. For those, you will have to use Visio in a browser with an internet connection.

Pricing plans:

Plan 1: $5 per user per month Plan 2: $15 per user per month

Visit the Microsoft Visio website.

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