AnyMind Group


AnyMind Group is an end-to-end Brand Enablement Platform with proprietary software that enables individuals and businesses for brand building, manufacturing, e-commerce, marketing, logistics and global expansion.






Kosuke Sogo
CEO & Co-founder

Kosuke Sogo

Otohiko Kozutsumi
CCO & co-founder
Siwat Vilassakdanont
MD, Thailand & Philippines
Hitoshi Maruyama
Managing Director, Publisher Growth
Ryuji Takemoto
Managing Director, Product Development
Koki Shibata
Managing Director, Engineering
Aditya Aima
Managing Director, Agency Business
Siddharth Kelkar
Managing Director, Performance Business
Takehiko Mizutani
Managing Director, Human Resources
Ben Chien
Managing Director, Greater China
Tatum Ona Kembara
Managing Director, D2C & E-Commerce Enablement
Punsak Limvatanayingyong
MD, Creator Growth
Shogo Ikeuchi
External Director
Wing Lee
General Manager, Taiwan
Hui Ling Wong
Senior Finance Manager, Singapore
Lidyawati Aurelia
Country Manager, Indonesia
Nguyen Thi Ha My
Country Manager, Vietnam
Lee Chin Chuan
Country Manager, Malaysia
Rubeena Singh
Country Manager, India & MENA
Toh Yi Hui
Country Manager, Singapore
Ted Kim
Country Manager, Korea
Cassilda Lee
Senior Account Executive, Singapore
Tomoyuki Oka
External Corporate Auditor
Shohei Murata
Corporate Auditor
Nao Kitazawa
External Corporate Auditor