The Linux Foundation


The Linux Foundation is a non-profit technology consortium founded in 2000 as a merger between Open Source Development Labs and the Free Standards Group to standardize Linux, support its growth, and promote its commercial adoption.





Jim Zemlin
Executive Director

Jim Zemlin

Calista Redmond
CEO, RISC-V Foundation
Andy Updegrove
Legal Counsel
Michael Dolan
SVP & GM, Projects
Clyde Seepersad
SVP & GM, Training & Certification
Mike Dolan
SVP & GM of Projects
Angela Brown
SVP & GM, Events
Todd Moore
SVP, Community Operations
Hilary Carter
SVP, Research & Communications
Heather Kirksey
VP, Community & Ecosystem Development
Kate Stewart
VP, Dependable Embedded Systems
Stephen Hendrick
VP, Research
Joanna Lee
VP of Strategic Programs & Legal
Jory Burson
VP, Standards
Robin Ginn
Executive Director, OpenJS Foundation
Gabriele Columbro
Executive Director, FINOS
Alex Thornton
Executive Director, LF Energy
Dan Cauchy
Executive Director, AGL
Shuli Goodman
Founder & Executive Director, LF Energy
Sumer Johal
Executive Director, AgStack
Arpit Joshipura
GM, Networking & Orchestration
Daniela Barbosa
GM, Blockchain Healthcare & Identity
Karen Copenhaver
Strategic Advisor
Daniel Scales
Chief Brand Counsel
Tiffany Cohen Cmp, Citp
Chief Of Staff, Events
Deborah Giles
Event Director
Hart Montgomery
Cto, Hyperledger
Ranny Haiby
CTO Networking, Edge/iot And Access
Kristin O'Connell
Senior Director, Event Marketing, Sales And Digital Programs
Omkhar Arasaratnam
GM, Open Source Security Foundation
Daphne Bunao
Sales Development Representative
Kushal Soni
Sales Specialist
Leann B.
Sales Coordinator