Better Energy

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Better Energy is a leading, independent solar energy company, developing, financing, building, operating PV systems and selling green energy.





Rasmus Lildholdt Kjær

Mark Augustenborg Ødum
Executive Vice President, Partnership
Mille Bondo Meyer
Executive Vice President, HR & Group Support
Lukasz Witkowski
Vice President Development
Allan Hermanni
Vice President, Engineering & Design
Lars S. Thomsen
Technical Advisor, Technology & Solutions
Thor Möger Pedersen
Chief Commercial Officer CCO
Christoffer Fruergaard Larsen
Executive Vice President, Investments
Michelle Laramie Lund
Executive Vice President, Communications & Sustainability
Magnus Sonne
Senior Director Of Learning & Development
Ho Kei Au
Chief Legal Officer - Lawyer
Kevin Wilkinson
Chief Operating Officer
Peter Bjerregaard
Vice President, Head Of Regulatory Affairs
Anne Boeck
Head Of Tax At Better Energy
Helle Nørgaard Jensen
Senior Director Legal Counsel Lawyer
Kasper Giødesen
Director, Head Of Risk & Compliance
Martin Brobæk Madsen
VP Commercial Asset Management
Nicolai Falke Ramskov
Director - Lawyer, Head Of Legal Procurement And Head Of Contracts
Jacob Koch
Head Of Treasury (vp)
Christian Bach
Vice President, Financial Planning Analysis
Allan Hønholt Jensen
EPC Portfolio Director
Aldona Wawryszuk
Senior Financial Controller
Joanna Staszewska
Senior Financial Controller
Ole Kragh Hansen
Senior Financial Controller
Pavel Kolosov
Senior Financial Controller
Rennette Dardy
Executive Assistant To Chief Financial Officer
Robert Fisher
Senior Financial Controller
Martin Lykke
Senior Lead, Controlling & Reporting