Boeing is a leading global aerospace company that develops, manufactures, and services commercial airplanes, defense products, and space systems in more than 150 countries. Given the changes in customer needs throughout time, they are constantly adjusting their capabilities in designing and building...Read more




Org chart

David L. Calhoun
President & CEO
Theodore Colbert III
President & CEO, Boeing Defense, Space & Security
Stanley A. Deal
President & CEO, Boeing Commercial Airplanes
Stephanie Pope
EVP & CEO, Boeing Global Services
Michael A. Arthur
President, Boeing International
Tim Myers
President, Boeing Capital Corporation
Brian West
CFO & EVP, Finance
Susan Doniz
Chief Information Officer
Brett C. Gerry
Chief Legal Officer & EVP, Global Compliance
Gregory L. Hyslop
Chief Engineer & EVP, Engineering, Test & Technology
B. Marc Allen
Chief Strategy Officer & SVP, Strategy and Corporate Development
Brian Besanceney
Chief Communications Officer
Michael D'Ambrose
EVP, Human Resources
Ziad Ojakli
EVP, Government Operations

Behind the scenes


Respect one another and advance a global, diverse team

We will incorporate and amplify a wide range of ideas and global perspectives while building diverse teams, appreciating one another’s differences as assets, and holding ourselves accountable to equitable processes that promote trust and transparency.

Earn stakeholder trust and preference

By committing fully to our values, communicating with transparency, and delivering results with excellence, we will earn and retain the confidence of our customers, suppliers and investors; our team members; and everyone who uses our products and services.

Import best leadership practices

As we strive for continuous improvement in ourselves and our company, we will seek insights from one another, as well as external thought leaders and companies with demonstrated excellence. Discovery and assimilation of these best practices will empower us to solve our most difficult problems.

Foster a Just Culture grounded in humility, inclusion and transparency

Rooted in transparency, fairness and learning, a Just Culture creates an environment where everyone feels free to report errors and are treated fairly for making mistakes while being held accountable for negligence or malicious behavior. The intent is to help all of us learn from mistakes to improve as individuals and as a company.

Lead on safety, quality, integrity and sustainability

In everything we do and in all aspects of our business, we will make safety our top priority, strive for first-time quality, hold ourselves to the highest ethical standards, and continue to support a sustainable future.

Reward predictability and stability — everywhere in our business

While it’s important to acknowledge extraordinary efforts to overcome unplanned obstacles to our work, it’s even more important to establish and celebrate the everyday planning, execution and discipline that set us up for success. Instituting predictability and stability across our business will support our priorities and prepare us to face the unexpected.

Eliminate traveled work

Rework has a negative effect on productivity and first-time quality, so we will strive to eliminate it in all aspects of our business, from engineering design to the factory floor to the office environment. Let’s do things right the first time, every time.

Apply Lean principles

These principles have served many businesses well, including our own, so we will commit to them across the board. We will encourage continuous improvement in every aspect of our business, working to maximize the value we provide to customers while minimizing waste.

Be accountable — from beginning to end

At every stage of every program — from design and manufacturing to sales and marketing, and everything beyond and between — we will know who is responsible for every aspect of the work. Each of us, including our supplier partners, will understand our individual responsibilities and be personally accountable for the work we do.

Start with engineering excellence

A strong engineering foundation enables us to build and maintain our products with safety, quality and integrity in the factory and in service. Our customers expect it. That’s why we will always take the time to get the engineering right.