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Defend Democracy. Reform Justice. Protect the Constitution. The Brennan Center for Justice at NYU Law works to build an America that is democratic, just, and free.





Org chart

Michael Waldman
President & CEO

Michael Waldman

Mireya Navarro
Editor In Chief, Brennan Español
John Anthony Butler
COO, Finance & Operations
Jeanine Chirlin
Chief of Staff
John F. Kowal
VP, Program Initiatives
Wendy R. Weiser
VP, Democracy
Jennifer Weiss-Wolf
VP, Fellow, Development
Pinky Weitzman
VP, Communications
John Donahue
MD, Development
Melissa Estok
Executive Director
Kareem Crayton
Senior Director, Voting Rights & Representation
Bianca Gómez-Nachand
Director, Events & Partnerships
Paulette Hodge
Director, Direct Response & Donor Services
Katherine Storch
Director, Institutional Relations
Lisa Vosper
Director, Multimedia & Design
Elizabeth Goitein
Co-director, Liberty And National Security Program
Jaemin Kim
Vice President For Development
Alden Wallace
Director, Design & Multimedia
Alexandra Ringe
Director Of Media And Strategy
Mellen O'Keefe
Events Creative Director, Communications And Strategy
Brian Palmer
Director, Editorial & Events
Evan Stepper
Digital Director
Elizabeth Howard
Deputy Director, Elections & Government
Gowri Ramachandran
Deputy Director, Elections & Government
Alex Merchant
Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Human Resources (dei & Hr) Program Manager
Michelle Dobrusin
Senior Human Resources Manager
Alan Beard
Policy Strategist, Office Of The President
Jose Pina
Men's Volleyball Head Coach