Charles Schwab


The Charles Schwab Corporation is a bank and brokerage firm, based in San Francisco, California. It was founded in 1971 by Charles R. Schwab and is one of the largest banks in the United States and is one of the largest brokerage firms in the United States.





Org chart

Walter W. Bettinger
President & CEO

Walter W. Bettinger

Paul V. Woolway
President & CEO, Charles Schwab Bank
Rick Wurster
President, The Charles Schwab Corporation
Tim Heier
Catherine Macgregor
Chief Legal Officer
Mark Fischer
Neesha Hathi
EVP & Chief Digital Officer
Dennis Howard
Jessica Seidlitz
MD & Chief Compliance Officer
Stacy Hammond
MD & Chief Marketing Officer
Ryan P. Doherty
Chief Privacy Officer & Chief Compliance Officer, Cybersecurity and Technology
Jonathan M. Craig
SEVP, Investor Services and Marketing
Bernard J. Clark
EVP & Head of Schwab Advisor Services
Mitch Mantua
EVP, Internal Audit
Jason Clague
EVP, Operational Services
Lisa Kidd Hunt
EVP, International Services & Business Initiatives
Cordelia Yoon
VP, International Compliance
Candice Aaron
VP, Corporate Compliance
James Kostulias
MD & Head of Trading Services
Patrick Cassidy
CIO of Fixed Income, Head of Trading & Capital Markets
George Mylnikov
Managing Director & Portfolio Manager, Head of Quantitative Research
Steve Anderson
MD & Head of Workplace Financial Services
Christopher Wyse
MD, Chief Corporate Affairs Officer
Erika Doede
Head of Business Excellence & Strategy
Tom Richmond
Co-Head of Taxable SMA Strategies & Senior Portfolio Manager
John Majoros
Co-Head of Taxable SMA Strategies & Senior Portfolio Manager
Nick Vassilos
Head of Risk & Performance Analytics
Carol Spain
Head of Credit Research
Brendan Kerr
Senior Portfolio Manager
Elizabeth Xie
Senior Portfolio Manager
Ryan Hook
Senior Portfolio Manager
Steven Chan
Trader Senior Portfolio Manager
Kelly Johnson
Portfolio Manager, Fixed Income
Robert Helmstetler
Portfolio Manager
Joselle Duncan
Portfolio Manager
Chris Nagao
Portfolio Manager
Mathew Petty
Portfolio Manager
Erika Rodriguez
Trader Associate Portfolio Manager
Jonathan Day
Associate Portfolio Manager
Brian Enkhbat
Associate Portfolio Manager
Jim Hester
Associate Portfolio Manager