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Citizen Schools is closing the achievement gap by equipping young people with the skills, access and beliefs they need to thrive as students and succeed as adults in the modern economy.





Nadia K. Selby
Interim CEO

Nadia K. Selby

Elizabeth Micci
Managing Director, Program
Benjamin Petty
Managing Director, Finance
Sarah Brown
Managing Director, Measurement & Learning
Jessica Davila
Managing Director, Philanthropy & External Engagement
Tina Ochoa
Managing Director, Community Partnerships
Brian O’Neil
Director, AmeriCorps Maker Fellowship
Adrienne Porter
Director, Educator Development
Rakesh Patel
Director, Technology
Andrew Marcus
Director, Learning Design
Allison Milewski
Director, Philanthropy, NY
Mia Moares
Director, Community Partnerships
Victoria Thornton
Senior Manager, Volunteer Engagement
Meme Cisse
Manager, Operations
Elise Regensburger
Manager, Marketing & Design
Megan Salgado
Manager, Learning Network
Chavon Thomas-Robinson
Coordinator, Operations
Erika Alvarez
Director, Philanthropy
Laura Hilbert
Deputy Campus Director
Gene'A Mitchell
Senior Campus Director
Ryan Keith
National Teaching Fellow, Regional Citizen Teacher Lead
Angelina Okoli
Academic Program Lead/ Teaching Fellow
Arnav Suri
Citizen Teacher
Michael Delsesto Ccim
Citizen Teacher
Alexandra Ibarra Carmona
Teacher Associate
Bob Mersereau
Citizen Teacher
Brooke Deslouches
Teacher Associate
Evelyn Salzman
Teacher Associate
M0hamed Ragab
English Teacher
Rosa Ayala
Teacher Associate
Doug Campbell
Teacher, Voluntary