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A pioneer in voluntary collective licensing, Copyright Clearance Center (CCC) helps organizations integrate, access, and share information through licensing, content, software, and professional services.





Tracey L. Armstrong
President & CFO

Tracey L. Armstrong

Richard A. Ruf
VP, CFO & Treasurer
Frederic Haber
VP, Senior Counsel
Catherine Zaller Rowland
VP, General Counsel
Emily Sheahan
VP, Managing Director
Lauren Tulloch
VP, Managing Director
Donna Pouliot
VP, Sales
Kim Zwollo
VP, Client Engagement & Business Development
Gretchen L. Gasser-Ellis
VP, Enterprise Operations
Michael Healy
Executive Director of International Relations
Michele Nivens
Vp, Human Resources
Laura C.
Senior Director, Publishing Industry Data
Christian Nolin
Senior Director Of Marketing
Christopher Kenneally
Sr. Director, Content Marketing
Erin Callahan
Senior Director, Information & Content Solutions
Jamie Carmichael
Senior Director, Information And Content Solutions
Jessica Thibodeau
Sr. Director Information & Content Solutions
Joanna Murphy Scott
Senior Director, Enterprise Marketing
Rachael Shove
Senior Manager, Marketing Communications
Stephanie Davis
Sr. Product Marketing Manager