Head of People and Culture (P&C)

Administration · Volunteer · Remote · Remote possible

Job description

CSIRT.global is an international not-for-profit organisation, bringing CSIRT to those who don't have access to it. ​​We are growing at an incredible pace, have just started a research team, and we're about to on-board volunteers in many different countries.

Why join

We offer a fantastic volunteering opportunity for HR professionals with an interest in cyber security.

Every single volunteer at CSIRT.global believes the internet needs help, and we need to bypass constraints like borders. That's why we (in parallel to our often demanding jobs), invest time and effort to the good cause. We believe in giving opportunities, friendship, learning and sharing, while being very much aware of the confidentiality of the data we process. We'll offer you an invaluable experience in cyber security, as well as our friendship, guidance, mentorship and network.


CSIRT.global is built on principles: as people we adhere to our code of conduct, and as professionals, we stick by the guidelines set in our various information security policies. The organisation itself, of course, is founded on the "articles of association". While all of these are important, we thoroughly believe people are the most important aspect. Since we operate in many different countries, with different culture and laws, we need to build a solid "people and culture" process, built on that which connects us.

Main tasks and responsibilities

  • Building and running an international volunteer on-boarding process
  • Building and running an international mentoring process
  • Securing our Code-of-Conduct, our culture and our principles, and making them a foundation of our organisation
  • Running the budget for achieving these goals

What we're looking for

Note that these are guidelines rather than demands; attitude and ability to execute are at least as important to us.

  • You love people, and you have strong interpersonal and intercultural skills
  • Several years of experience in Human Resource Management (People & Culture)
  • If you have an interest in cyber security, that will definitely help shaping our organisation.
  • Excellent planning skills, with experience in applying these in a dynamic (international) context
  • Financial insight, knowledge of budget control and project administration
  • You have excellent communication skills in English
  • Ability to work independently and in a team, willing to acquire and share expertise.
  • A flexible attitude towards workload, both in high- and low-level tasks, with the ability to set priorities.
  • If you do not meet all these criteria (and you'll likely won't), we'd love to hear why you would still be our perfect candidate.


  • The job is part-time, and can grow dynamically with your personal ambitions.
  • We estimate your investment between 2 and 8 ours on a weekly basis.
  • The job is volunteer basis for now.
  • This might change into a paid job in the future. (The management of CSIRT.global are all volunteers at this time, pending organisation growth and funding).