Paul Daversa

Founder & CEO at Daversa Partners

"THE HEADHUNTER" is how he is referred to in Silicon Valley. A fitting label for Paul given he is the son of hairdressers. He is notorious for assembling the most impactful leadership teams in technology. He covers every function in the "C" suite and is the strategic advantage and adviser for the founders who hire him, at companies including : Twitter, Snapchat, Square, Dropbox, Atlassian, Pure, MongoDB, Gilt, Yelp!, Datastax, Foursquare, Zocdoc, Zendesk, Uber, Dataminr, Lithium, Oscar and many of the future innovators in the making. Leadership creates value. So it is fitting that his hunting has paid off for his candidates who have earned in excess of $2Billion in the last 36 months.



  • Founder & CEO

    January, 1992 - present