EPAM Systems, Inc., also known as EPAM, is a global provider of software engineering and IT consulting services headquartered in Newtown, Pennsylvania, United States.




Org chart

Arkadiy Dobkin
Chairman of the Board, CEO & President
Balazs Fejes
President of EU and APAC Markets
Boris Shnayder
Co-Head of Global Business, SVP
Ed Rockwell
General Counsel, SVP
Elaina Shekhter
Chief Marketing and Strategy Officer, SVP
Jason Peterson
Chief Financial Officer, SVP & Treasurer
Larry Solomon
Chief People Officer, SVP
Philip Storm
Chief Compliance Officer, SVP
Sergey Yezhkov
Co-Head Global Business, SVP
Victor Dvorkin
Head of Global Delivery, SVP
Yuriy Goliyad
Head of Global Operations, SVP
Sam Rehman
Chief Information Security Officer, SVP
Frank Burkitt
SVP, Global Head of Business & Strategy Consulting