James Donnellan

Customer Experience Associate at Ergatta

My 3 dream dinner guests would be:

Hmm tough one...Oscar Wilde, Fran Lebowitz, and Jon Stewart would be fun. I wouldn't say a word, obviously.

If there were 25 hours in a day, I'd spend the extra hour:

An extra-long walk!

If I could compete in an event at the Olympics, it'd be:

4x400m relay, 2nd leg

Are you a cat or a dog person (or neither)?

Cat person

What's the best professional advice you ever received?

"Find something that: 1. genuinely interests you, and 2. takes a long time to master. Then, go spend some time getting really good at it."

I like this advice because it pushes you to seek a job/career that intersects with your interests and general marketability. It's also process-oriented, rather than outcome-oriented; if you commit to the process, good things will follow (in time).

How do you like to run meetings?

I like when everyone...

- has the meeting agenda in advance

- has an opportunity to contribute topics + opine on others' ideas

- is respectful of time


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