GiveDirectly is a nonprofit organization operating in East Africa that helps families living in extreme poverty by making unconditional cash transfers to them via mobile phone.






Org chart

Samuel Mwamburi Mwale
Interim President

Samuel Mwamburi Mwale

Carolina Toth
Senior Chief of Staff
Becca Frank
VP, Technology
Yolande Wright
VP, Partnerships
Stephanie Hill
VP, People
Sarah Moran
VP, Development
Miriam Laker
Research Director
Daniel Quinn
Director, Humanitarian
Tyler G Hall
Director of Communications
Caroline Teti
VP, Safeguarding, Risk, Compliance
Shaunak Ganguly
Country Director, Malawi
Ivan Ntwali
Country Director, Uganda
Will Bishop
Country Director, Mozambique
Matej Skenderovic
Country Director, Kenya
Joseph Yarsiah
Country Director, Liberia
Doug Kirke-Smith
Regional Director
Lamia Rashid
Regional Director
Yvonne Namala-Murindiwa
Programs Director, Malawi
Dustin Palmer
Country Director, US
Jamila Abass
Country Director, Morocco
Isabelle Pelly
Partnerships Director
Stella Luk
Regional Director, North & West Africa
Ruchi Agarwal
Director, Global Treasury
Kimberly Belk
Director of Compliance & Grants Management
Ellen Fitton
Senior Manager
Sarah Afraz
Senior Manager, India
Teddy Kinyoro
Senior Manager, Programs
Yonah Lieberman
Senior Manager, Press & Communications
Julien Devos
Senior Manager, Safety & Security
Yusuf Katushabe
Senior Manager, IT & Information Security
Natasha Buchholz
Senior Manager
Lalena Meyerson
Senior Manager, Compliance & Grants
Olivia Chen
Technical Marketing Manager
Tosin Adeyini
Office & Procurement Manager
Mary Nakibirango
Field Manager, Uganda
Kamal Abdi-Rashid
Creative Content Manager
Miguel Jambo
Program Manager, Mozambique
Julia Guerra
Donor Experience Manager
Patrick Kathambana
Creative Content Manager
Geoff Tam
Technical Program Manager
Gabrielle Alicino
Senior Philanthropy Officer
Kwamina Orleans-Pobee
Engineering Lead, Growth
Amanda Souza
Salesforce CRM Lead
Nathaniel Burbank
Senior Data Scientist
Michael Levy
Senior Data Scientist
Rohullah Zarif
Executive Assistant
Mary Blair
Growth Associate
Tallulah Manalo-Lamanna
Growth Associate
Cristina Sharpe
Recruitment Associate
Prenier Shihemi
People Operations Associate
Ndim-Ejor Ndifon
Program Manager
Nikhil Swaminathan
Technical Program Manager
Ash Taylor-Beierl
Program Manager
Chris Mjima
Program Manager, Malawi
Swaliho F. Kamara
Liberia Senior Manager
Benyam Endale Woldeselasie
Senior Finance Manager
Michelle Mathenge
Senior Finance Manager
Sophie Namulema
Senior Finance Manager
Sperry Ako
Senior Finance Manager
Rachel Mellby
Finance Manager
Ayushi Srivastava
Research Manager
Ngozi Okoroji
Human Resource Manager, Nigeria
Eugene Peng
Partnerships Manager
Pumulo Banda
Growth Manager
Jacqueline Mathenge
Technical Program Manager
Federico Barreras
Humanitarian Manager
Michael Lukyamuzi
Programme Manager
Percis Mukyala
Accounting Officer
Ronny Obunga
Finance Associate
Julie Gu
Growth Associate