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Hilco Global is an independent financial services company providing Valuation, Monetization and Advisory services for all tangible and intangible assets. Hilco is the world’s preeminent authority in assisting healthy and distressed companies and their constituencies derive maximum value from assets.... Read more






Jeffrey B. Hecktman
Founder & CEO

Jeffrey B. Hecktman

John P. Chen
President & COO
Jill G. Zimmerman
EVP & Chief People Officer
Anu Krishnan
Chief Accounting Officer
Benjamin L. Nortman
John Mostofi
EVP, Capital Solutions
Charmy Shah
Senior Vice President
Karen Bubrowski
VP & Director of Marketing
Christine Fredericks
Corporate Counsel
Daniel Arnold
Senior Managing Director
Adam Scharer
CEO, Hilco Asset Solutions ANZ
Gabe Fried
CEO, Hilco Commercial Industrial
Chris Hall
CEO, Hilco Valuation Services Europe
Michael Friedman
CEO, Hilco IP Merchant Banking
Robert Bouland
CEO, Hilco Industrial Acquisitions
Samuel Suchowiecky
CEO, Hilco Global Mexico
Henry Foster
CEO, Hilco Capital
Steven Tanzi
CEO, Hilco Commercial Industrial
Roberto Perez
CEO, Hilco Redevelopment Partners
Thomas A. Greco
CEO, Hilco Global Advisors
Raymundo Armendariz
CEO, Wholesale Solutions
Geoffrey Frankel
CEO & Senior Managing Director, Hilco Corporate Finance
Jay Stone
CEO, Hilco Receivables
Brad Altberger
CEO & Co-Founder, Hilco Real Estate Finance
Max Lewis
Chief Investment Officer & Co-Founder, Hilco Real Estate Finance
Brian Morris
Chief Financial Officer & Interim COO (deal Genius, Llc) | SVP Subsidiary Operations
Kavita Dantluri
Chief Financial Officer, Hilco Global Advisors
Kelly Young
Chief Financial Officer
Robert Wilson
Chief Financial Officer - Hilco Commercial Industrial
Ryan Lawlor
Senior Vice President And Chief Legal Officer Of Hilco Real Estate, LLC
Meghan Kelly
Vice President, Life Science
Jim Glickman
Chief Operating Officer
Andrew F.
Vice President Director Of CRM
Sarah Baker
Deputy General Counsel
Chris Briggs
VP Engineering