IBM is a leading cloud platform and cognitive solutions company. Founded in 1911, it is the largest technology and consulting employer in the world.







Org chart

Arvind Krishna
CEO & Chairman

Arvind Krishna

Bruce Anthony
Distinguished Engineer & CTO, OpenShift & Hybrid Cloud
Jonathan H. Adashek
Chief Communications Officer & SVP, Marketing & Communications
Michelle H. Browdy
SVP, Legal & Regulatory Affairs & General Counsel
Cedric Cook
Chief of Staff/EA to SVP, IBM Cloud & Data Platform
Darío Gil
SVP, Director of IBM Research
Rob Thomas
SVP, Software and Chief Commercial Officer
Ric Lewis
SVP, Infrastructure
John Granger
SVP, IBM Consulting
Hillery Hunter
GM, Industry Clouds & Solutions & CTO, IBM Cloud
Shai Josh
Managing Partner, Global Hybrid Cloud Services
David Howard
VP, Finance, IBM Cloud
Brien Wierzchowski
VP & Treasurer
Rajesh Rengarajan
VP, Cloud Platform Services
Darren Kraft
Strategic Partnership Executive, Data & AI
Pradeep Dash
Delivery Manger
Dave Gasdia
Offering Management
Ty Carlson
Physical Therapist
Daniela Fleischmajer
Chief Marketing Officer US
Jessica Bishop
Underwriting Manager
Becky Chen
DCO Cluster Manager
Jennifer Taylor
Communications Manager
Fred Christensen
Chief Financial Officer
Don Smith
Director Of Procurement
Thomas Gray
IP Manager
Mauricio Benítez
managing director
Carter Young
Director of Civil Courts
Yoshiyuki Kawashima
ENT physician
Lauren Maupins
Summit Hub Leader
Phanh Phung
Medical Director
Shae Berry
Assistant District Manager
Lori Russell
Ian Hyte
Senior Account Executive - Named Accounts
Sidharthan Valiya Purayil
Sr. User Experience Designer
Matthew Horace
Account Executive
Raj Kelkar
Customer Success Manager
John McCabe
Senior Design Manager
Brian Chapman
Power Systems Specialist
Mohamad Ali
SVP & COO, IBM Consulting
Lesley Kerry
Technology Sales Manager
Marian Lin
Software Engineer
Ross Tulloch
AVP, Group Technology Financial Controller
Scott Sulzer
Principal Enterprise Solution Sales- Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure
Tony Giambone
Technology Sales Leader, Northern California
Rajeev Sachdeva
Senior Lead Engineer
Michael Williams
Equipment Engineer
Håkan Andersson
Technical Sales Leader - Technology Unit, Sweden
Principle Engineer
Dean Mullen
Business Unit Executive, Crossbrand Software
Willyan Moura
Senior Business Technology Leader
Alexandra Gordon
Technology Squad Sales Leader, US National Market
Loai AlFarran
Senior Cloud Engineer
Oscar Nyonyo
HCS / HCT Industrial Markets Leader - Microsoft Azure Technical Solutions Specialist
Saad Abdullah
DevOps Developer
Ankit Gupta
Software Architect
Sheetal Dhar
Principal Client Engineering Leader