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Org chart

James Edward Allison III
Founder/ Chief Executive Officer

James Edward Allison III

Javier Varela
VP of Product
Pamela Berger
Executive VP of Finance & Accounting
Ben Parker
Founder/ Chief Operating Officer
Vovan Kuznetsov
Chief Architect
Aaron Bollinger
Founder/ Chief Revenue Officer
Darrell Maples
Senior Architect
Miko Conrad
Engineering Director
Tomo Harayama
Unknown role

Behind the scenes


Comfortable being Uncomfortable

We have faith and confidence in unchartered waters. No one has done this before, so let's do it.

Movement! /= Work

We measure results, not hours and reward progress, not activity.

The Premium Tribe

Our employees strive to be their very best, and we boost each other along; united together into something more on this journey.


Preparation, diligence, and experiences gained thru trial and error in our pursuit of success are what set Kronologic apart as the keepers of unique knowledge that we can share with customers and partners.


Lasting progress is made fastest when we start with the Truth. Ideas and opinions matter, but we concede and align when there is evidence and proof. Teamwork is really an ACT, not a word, inside of Kronologic.

Bias for Action

In dealing with the fruits of our creativity in engineering, design, and in strategy; we have a strong Bias for Action.