Michigan Dental Association


The MDA is dedicated to ensuring that Michigan residents receive the highest quality oral health care. They advance this goal through advocacy for the dental profession and dental patients with state government, and through statewide initiatives that expand access and promote oral health literacy.





Org chart

Karen Burgess
Executive Director & CEO

Karen Burgess

Craig Start
President, MDA Insurance
Donald Winn
Chief Financial Officer
Bill Sullivan
Interim Executive Director & VP, Advocacy & Professional Relations
Tina Voss
Director, Health & Life Operations
Jeff Spindler
Director, Property & Casualty Programs
Andrea Sundermann
Director, Continuing Education
Rich Evans
Director, Marketing & Communications
Angela Kanazeh
Director, Membership
David Foe
Director, Print & E-Publications
Brandy Ryan
Director, Human Resources
Jeni Drummond
Personal Lines Manager
Ginger Fernandez
Manager, Professional Review & Practice Management
Michelle Nichols-Cruz
Governance Manager
Deb Peters
Speaker of the House
Mary Oglesby
Executive Assistant
Jennifer Lennemann
Executive Assistant
Amy Schaeffer
Human Resources Assistant