Org chart

Nicolas Girard
CEO & co-Founder
Jason Evans
Chief Business Officer & co-Founder
Stephen Hall
Head of Engineering
Elliot Chen
Head of Product
Gilles Louwerens
Head of Data Intelligence
Abraham Gonzalez Pont
Head of Operations
Miguel Monteforte Nicolas
Head of Telecommunications
Juan Carlos Tornel
Head of Legal
Natalie Nebot
Head of Talent & HR
Chris Jackel
Head of Customer Engineering
Tomas Alfonso
VP of Sales, MX
Alejandra Macias
Customer Service Project Manager
Dmitriy Stolyarov
Research & Development
Monica Donneys
VP, People
Iván Beltran
Customer Support
Rodrigo Delgado
Customer Support
Julio Gaitán
Head of Sales

Board & Advisors

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