Orian Frenkel

COO at SCADAfence

Orian Frenkel, COO at SCADAfence, has a long and accomplished history in the field of intelligence and security. Starting out as a software trainer and instructor with Connect, Frenkel quickly moved up the ranks to become an intelligence analyst with Elbit Systems Ltd. From there, they became business development director with AGT International and head of customer success with Cyberint. In their current role as COO at SCADAfence, Frenkel is responsible for the overall operation of the company.

Orian Frenkel attended Tel Aviv University, where they earned a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering.

They are on a team with Michael Yehoshua - VP, Global Marketing, Tamar Rozen - VP, Human Resources, and Tom Thirer - VP, Product Management. Their manager is Elad Ben - Meir, CEO.


  • COO

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