Anh Nguyen-Phuoc

Director Software Engineering at Scality

Anh Nguyen-Phuoc has a diverse work experience spanning over multiple companies and roles. Anh began their career at Nat Systems as a Support Engineer, where they provided support for the company's entire product line and managed technical accounts. Anh then moved on to become the Quality Control Manager, leading a team responsible for defining the hardware and software QA/Test architecture and developing an application to support the testing cycle.

Following their time at Nat Systems, Anh joined SLP Infoware as a Software Testing Manager. In this role, they managed a team focused on improving the QA/Test process and implementing automated tests for the Churn Scoring product offer.

Anh then moved to Business Objects, where they held various positions. Anh started as the Director of Software Testing for Service Packs and International Products, before becoming the Director of Product Unit, Connectivity and Test Lab. Anh later took on the role of Director, Product Unit, Current Product Development, where they led a team responsible for the product life cycle and internal support of the current product suite. Anh also managed a pilot project with WIPRO to deliver the AIX Japanese release of WebIntelligence.

After their time at Business Objects, Anh pursued their own business project as the Founder and General Manager. Anh focused on designing and developing a product suite for data collection and analysis, including porting the products to Linux and Windows and internationalizing the graphical user interface.

Anh then joined Qosmos, where they held multiple roles. Anh started as the VP R&D, responsible for managing and expanding the research and development team and delivering GA product releases. Later, they became the VP Operations and Support, overseeing strategic projects and ensuring customer satisfaction.

Most recently, Anh joined Scality as the Director of Software Engineering, though specific information about their responsibilities and accomplishments in this role is not provided.

Anh Nguyen-Phuoc attended Télécom SudParis from 1987 to 1990 and graduated with a degree in Computer Science. There is no available information about their education prior to this, as no start or end year is provided, but they did attend a school named Paul Valéry at some point. The specific degree obtained or field of study pursued at Paul Valéry is not mentioned.



  • Director Software Engineering

    September, 2015 - present