Seminole County Public Schools

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Seminole County Public Schools (SCPS) is the 12th largest school district in Florida and is the 60th largest school district in the nation. SCPS in perennially ranked an "A"-rated district by the Florida Department of Education (FDOE). The district operates 65 schools and has more than 67,000 K-12th... Read more





Org chart

Serita D. Beamon

Serita D. Beamon

Anna-Marie Cote
Deputy Superintendent, Instructional Excellence & Equity
Demetria Faison
Assistant Superintendent, Middle Schools
Heidi Gooch
Assistant Superintendent, Elementary Schools
Paul Senko
Assistant Superintendent, Elementary Schools
Amy Elwood
Assistant Superintendent, Student Support Services
Marian Cummings
Assistant Superintendent, Student and School Success
Shawn Gard-Harrold
Assistant Superintendent, ePathways & Strategic Partnerships
Mark Russi
Assistant Superintendent, Human Resources & Professional Standards
Mark Mullins
Assistant Superintendent, Operations
Mike Rice
Assistant Superintendent, High Schools
Karlene Cole-Palmer
Executive Director, Legal Services
Dumarie Rodriguez-Dillard
Director, Leadership Pathways, Recruitment & Retention & Certification
Kelly Thompson
Director, Assessment & Accountability, Testing
Jared Lowe
Director, Budget
Jamie Devivo
Director, Dining Services
Brian Emmans
Director, Early Learning, VPK & Great Start
Maria Longa
Director, ECTAC
Dawn Bontz
Director, Employee & Government Relations & Personnel Services
Jamee Minnetto
Director, Federal Projects & Resource Development
Mike Alba
Director, Teaching & Learning
Stanley Mckinzie
Director, Transportation
Heather Medve
Director, Staffing & State Reporting
Minnie Cardona
Director, World Languages & ESOL
Katherine Crnkovich
Communications Officer
Tracy Fortenberry
School Safety & Security