Verve Therapeutics


Verve Therapeutics is a biotechnology company focused on discovering and developing therapies that safely edit the genomes of adults to confer lifelong protection against coronary artery disease, the most common type of heart disease and the leading cause of death worldwide.






Org chart

Sekar Kathiresan
Co-Founder & CEO

Sekar Kathiresan

J. Keith Joung
Barry Ticho
Andrew Ashe
President & COO
Andrew Bellinger
Chief Scientific Officer & Chief Medical Officer
Troy Lister
SVP, Research
Leslie Stolz
SVP, Regulatory Affairs
Julia Chapman
SVP, Corporate Strategy & Planning
Jeffrey Meltzer
VP, Quality
Yasser El-Gamal
VP, Legal Affairs & Chief Intellectual Property Counsel
Victoria Bartlett
VP, Program & Alliance Management
Joe Biedenkapp
VP, Editing Development
Andrew Sheely
Executive Director, IT
Morgan Jones
Senior Director, Business Development & Corporate Strategy
Joel Cooper
Senior Director, Toxicology
Victor Farutin
Senior Director, Computational Biology
Praveen Prasanna
Senior Director, External Manufacturing
Carlo Zambonelli
Senior Director, Analytical Chemistry
Erin Garrity
Senior Director, Corporate Counsel
Ann Dougherty
Senior Director, Medical Writing
Pratik Randeria
Director, Process Development
Stephen Johnson
Director, Patent Prosecution
William Toth
Director, Clinical Data Management
Mark Geng
Director, gRNA Process Development
Jill Wilson
Director, Human Resources Business Partner
Amanda Demeritt
Director, Payroll
Seka Lazare
Associate Director, Next Generation Sequencing
Christopher Manoogian
Associate Director, Laboratory, Quality Control
Jessie Colgan
Associate Director, External Manufacturing
Emily Cronin
Associate Director, Benefits
Krista Petty
Principal Scientist, Process Development
Jonathan Wu
Senior Manager, Quality Control
Caitlin Moreno
Senior Manager, Environmental, Health & Safety
James Lynch
Senior Manager, Stability, External Quality Control
Erin Brady
Senior Manager, Clinical Operations
Max Newman
Service Desk Manager
Alex DiMario
Senior Manager, Supply Chain & Logistics
Marina Varlamova
CMC Senior Project Manager
Dan Balian
Senior Manager, Supply Chain Management
Alfons Koziol
Senior Engineer, Technology Transfer & Process Engineering
Allison Krunnfusz
Senior Research Associate, Editor Development
Cris Wein
Senior Research Associate, Preclinical Pharmacology
Casey Hannigan
Senior Research Associate, Biological Mass Spectrometry
Shanelle Samuels
Senior Research Associate, Next Generation Sequencing
Cody Suliveras-Jardine
Senior Sample Inventory Associate
Erin Hood
Senior Contracts Specialist
Gitali Devi
Senior Scientist, RNA & Oligonucleotide Chemistry
Shipra Malik
Scientist, gRNA Technology
Kevin Layton
Shipping & Receiving Coordinator
Steve Briscoe
Medical Writer
Kristina Dibble
Analyst, Quality Control
Nidhi Sharon Das
Analyst II, Quality Control
Zoe Schumacher
Administrative Coordinator
Danielle Montt
In Vivo Study Coordinator
Carina Nyberg Washington
Executive Assistant
Holly Beatrice
Executive Assistant
Mierzhati Mushajiang
Lab Automation Engineer
David Bassen
Associate Director, Pharmacokinetics & Biodistribution
Jamie Denizio
Associate Principal Scientist, Gene Editing
Alexandra Chadwick
Director, Editing & Discovery
Peter Hallock
Director, Editing & Discovery
Maryam Habibian
Director, Discovery Chemistry
Vidya Subramanian
Associate Director, Discovery Technology Development
Alline Pacheco
Senior Scientist, Editing & Discovery
Michael Amaonye
Senior Research Associate, Editing & Discovery
Liam Cornell
Senior Scientist, Editing & Discovery
Yang Jiao
Senior Scientist, Editing & Discovery
Estela Shabani
Scientist II, Editing & Discovery
Francis Wong
Scientist, Editing & Discovery
Jack Ganey
Associate Scientist, Editing & Discovery
Jeffrey Li
Scientist, Editing & Discovery
Srinidhi Sridhar
Scientist, Editing & Discovery
Yusuf Nasrullah
Scientist, Editing & Discovery
Ryan Santos
Research Associate, Editing & Discovery
Anthony Lohmeier
Senior Research Associate, Editing & Discovery
Alexa Van Amerongen
Research Associate, Next Generation Sequencing
Ananda Mishra
Associate Scientist, Editing & Discovery
Vian Peshdary
Senior Scientist, Editing & Discovery
Khushboo Undavia
Associate Scientist, Editing & Discovery
Michael Zukowski
Network & Security Engineer
Payal Pranami
Associate Scientist, Editor Discovery
Samantha Morales
Senior Research Associate, Next Generation Sequencing
Hongyun Zhao
Senior Scientist, Clinical & Non-Clinical Bioanalysis & CRO Management
Steve Strezsak
Associate Director, Biophysical Characterization
Abigail Eisner
Senior Associate, Supply Chain Management