Southwest Research Institute

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Southwest Research Institute (SwRI) is an independent organization benefiting the government and others through innovative science and more.





Org chart

Adam L. Hamilton
President and CEO

Adam L. Hamilton

Mónica R. Trollinger
General Counsel
C. Nils Smith
VP, Defense & Intelligence Solutions
Daniel W. Stewart
VP, Powertrain Engineering
James L. Burch
VP, Space Science
Paul Easley
VP, Facilities & General Services
Steven D. Marty
VP, Fuels & Lubricants Research
Steven W. Dellenback
VP, Intelligent Systems
Tony Magaro
VP, Human Resources
Ben Thacker
VP, Mechanical Engineering
James R. Keys
VP, Applied Power
Michael McLelland
VP, Space Systems
Jose E. Navarro
VP, Applied Physics
Joseph McDonough
VP, Chemistry & Chemical Engineering
Robin Canup
VP, Solar System Science
Delia Aguilar