Territory Foods

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Territory Foods true north is helping folks experience that incredible feeling when you eat and move better. They pride theirselves on local, seasonal & constantly evolving menu offerings to fuel your life.






Ellis Mccue

Robert Morton
Storyteller, Co-founder
Stefan Niemczyk
Executive Chef
Ashley S.
Senior Customer Service Manager
Brittany Fuller
Head of Product
Danielle McAvoy
Senior Manager of Nutrition
Daniel Torraca
Senior Design Manager
Jessica Lam, CFBS
Senior Culinary Manager
Patrick Buchan
Senior Manager of Food Safety & Quality
Phillip Dylewski, RDN
Senior Manager, Culinary Product
Walter Polio
Director Of Logistics
Andrew Osborn
Software Engineer
Alex Samaha
Full Stack Engineer
Emiliano Popoca Bolio
Software Engineer
Ernesto Velasco
Full Stack Engineer
Jared Schneiderman
Software Engineering Team Lead
Matthew Hunt
Team Lead
Michael Bellerose
Engineering Manager
Raúl Hernández
Software Engineer
Courtney McChesney
Staff Accountant
Jared Crabtree
Director of Supply Chain and Fulfillment Operations
Kelly Desmond
Senior Director, Fulfillment Strategy