Toyota Motor Corporation

Toyota Motor Corporation, usually shortened to Toyota, is a Japanese multinational automotive manufacturer headquartered in Toyota, Aichi, Japan.



Toyota, Japan




Org chart

Akio Toyoda
Tetsuo Ogawa
CEO, Toyota Motor North America
James Kuffner
CEO, Toyota Research Institute-Advanced Development, Inc. Senior Fellow, Advanced R&D and Engineering Company
Mara Mcneill
President & CEO, Toyota Financial Savings Bank
Gill Pratt
CEO, Toyota Research Institute, Inc. (TRI)
James Bonini
President , Toyota Production System Support Center, Inc.
Koji Kobayashi
EVP, CRO and Sustainable Management
Masanori Kuwata
Chief Officer, General Administration & HR
Mitsuru Kawai
EVP, Chief Officer, General Administration & Human Resources Group
Shigeki Terashi
Executive Vice President, Chief Officer, Toyota ZEV Factory
Shigeki Tomoyama
EVP, Chairman, Connected Company
Keiji Yamamoto
Chief Information & Security Officer, Chief Software Officer
Jun Nagata
Chief Communications Officer, Deputy Chief Officer, Japan Sales Business Group and External & Public Affairs Group
Koji Sato
Chief Branding Officer, President Lexus International and GAZOO Racing Company
Yumi Otsuka
Chief Sustainability Officer
Yoichi Miyazaki
Chief Competitive Officer & President, Business Planning & Operation
Tellis Bethel
Group Vice President, Chief Social Innovation Officer, Toyota Motor North America
Nate Litton
Group VP & Chief Data & Analytics Officer, Toyota Financial Services
Stephen Brennan
Group VP, Vehicle Production Engineering & Manufacturing Project Innovation Center - North America