Universite de Lorraine

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First campus region in France, the University of Lorraine is a major international university that promotes the pooling of knowledge, from basic sciences to human sciences and creates trans-disciplinary ecosystems that accelerate the transition from knowledge to applications to the service of innova... Read more





Hélène Boulanger

Hélène Lesourd
Chief of Staff
Sabine Chaupain-Guillot
VP, Training Council
Dominique Petitjean
Deputy VP, Educational Transformation
Clotilde Boulanger
VP, Doctoral Strategy
Pascal Tisserant
VP, Equality-Diversity
Thierry Cachot
Deputy VP, Accreditation
Karl Tombre
VP, European & International Strategy
Patrick Barthel
VP, Franco-German
Christophe Schmitt
VP, Entrepreneurship-Incubation
Ayhan Bostanci
VP, Student
Myriam Doriat-Duban
VP, HR & Working Conditions
Vincent Huault
VP, Real Estate & Energy Transition
Brigitte Nominé
VP, Digital Strategy
Michel Fick
VP, Socio-Economic Partnerships & Territorial Development
Jérôme Sterpenich
VP, Partnerships & Innovation
Christophe de Nantois
VP, Real Estate
Camille Diou
VP, Finance & Administration
Valérie Rault
VP, Pedagogy
Nicolas Fressengeas
VP, Training Council
Jamal Bougdira
VP, Valuation
Benoît Grasser
AVP, Science Policy
Dominique Chardard
Scientific Director of the Nancy Aquarium Museum
Gregory Hamez
Franco-German Project Manager
Marie-Noëlle Vaultier
Scientific Director of the Botanical Gardens of Greater Nancy & the University of Lorraine
Pascal Raggi
Scientific Director of Le Féru des Sciences
Pierre Leblond
Real Estate Project Manager
Pascale Marangé
Real Estate Project Manager
Alain Hehn
Vice President, Scientific Council
Thomas Jouneau
Project Manager, Deputy Reasearch Data Administrator
Didier Husson
Radicalization Project Manager
Mounir Tarek
Project Manager, Orion Program
Caroline Gaucher
Human Resources Officer
Jacques Walter
Project Manager, Espace Rabelais
Eddy Bajic
Security-Defense Referent