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A workspace innovation company, Vari helps growing organizations unlock the potential of their space and their people. From a collection of office furniture to workspaces offering space-as-a-service, the company makes it easy for high-growth businesses to scale and flex their office space. Organizat... Read more





Jason McCann
CEO and Co-Founder

Jason McCann

Jeff Lamb
President and COO
Brian Trego
Senior Vice President of Product
Craig Storey
Chief Financial Officer
Lio Chang
Chief Procurement Officer
Kevin R. Wierenga
Senior Vice President
John Moyer
Vice President Sales
Kassie Dunaway
Vice President of Marketing
Adam Middleton
Vice President Of Sales
Andrew Krasner
Vice President, Ecommerce
Candra O’Rourke
Vice President Of Sales
Rob Luedke
Vice President Of Sales
Tyler Murray
Regional Sales Director