Verittas Advisors

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Verittas Risk Advisors creates authentic business partnerships with financial institutions. The close working relationship provides the financial institution industry expertise, hands-on experience of current financial services practice, and intimate ‘best practice’ knowledge.





George R. Mark
Founder & CEO

George R. Mark

Ed Reagan
Managing Director
Bob Flores
Managing Director, Utah & Southwest
Matt Levenduski
Managing Director, New York & New Jersey
Alexander Gordon
Managing Director, Los Angeles & Irvine, California
Donald Antonacio
Managing Director, Miami & Tampa, Florida
David Metzler
Director, Accounting & Risk Consulting
Rachel Flusser
Client Service Manager
Louis R. Thorpe, Jr.
Manager & Quality Assurance Specialist
Jason Mark
IT Specialist
Ronald S. Bohn, Jr
Model Risk Management & IT Specialist