Uwe Dauernheim

VP Software Engineering at Voi Technology

Uwe Dauernheim is a software engineer who currently serves as the Vice President of Software Engineering at Voi Technology. Uwe has previously held positions at Grace Health, Betalo AB, and VOI Technology.

Dauernheim began their career at Betalo AB in 2016, where they served as Lead Technical Architect. In this role, they were responsible for the migration of on-premises infrastructure to PaaS and Cloud providers. Uwe also designed, implemented, and maintained a containerized, mobile-first REST micro-service architecture for payment transactions, customer and payment cards handling, authentication and routing. In addition, Dauernheim oversaw the continuous integration pipeline and was responsible for backend integration with financial third-parties for credit card payment gateways, currency conversation exchange and order systems, and payment scheduling in the Swedish market for international payments.

In 2019, Dauernheim transitioned to VOI Technology, where they served as both the Vice President of Software Engineering and the Backend Engineering Lead. In their role as Vice President of Software Engineering, Dauernheim was responsible for leading a team of software engineers in the development of Voi’s products and services. As the Backend Engineering Lead, they oversaw the backend team responsible for developing and maintaining Voi’s microservices platform.

Dauernheim joined Grace Health in 2020, where they served as Engineering Manager until 2021. In this role, they was

Uwe Dauernheim studied Software Engineering of Distributed Systems at the KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden and then went on to study Business Administration and Information Technology at the DHBW - Duale Hochschule Baden-Württemberg, Germany.

Uwe Dauernheim works with Anna Gustavsson - VP Product, Bjorn Idren - Head of Data Analytics & BI, and Adam Jafer - Head of Mobile & Co-Founder. Uwe Dauernheim reports to Filip Lindvall, Co-Founder & Chief Technology Architect.


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