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We build custom portfolios to meet each client’s unique needs and goals, all in pursuit of outperformance.






Org chart

David Druley

Scott Zoltowski
Chief Legal Officer
Sean Hanna
Chief Compliance Officer
Harinder Soin
Chief Data Officer
Noel O’Neill
President & Head of Global Investing
Carrie Lascell Brown
Chief of Staff
Samantha Davidson
President & Head, Global Investing
Margaret Chen
Global Head of Endowment & Foundation Practice
Melinda L. Wright
Head of Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion
Adam Lester
Head of Corporate Strategy
Liz Ramos
Head of Human Capital
Ashby Hatch
Head of Global Investment Research
Brian McDonnell
Head of Global Pension Practice
Andrea Auerbach
Partner & Global Head of Private Investments
Deirdre Nectow
Head of Global Business Development
Celia Dallas
Chief Investment Strategist
Frank Fama
Global Co-Head of Credit Investment Group
Kevin Rosenbaum
Global Head of Capital Markets Research
Eric Thielscher
Global Head of Public Equities
Marc Cardillo
Global Head of Real Assets
Mike Coppens
Head of Business Risk Management
Tracy Filosa
Head of CA Institute
Joseph Marenda
Head of Hedge Fund Research & Digital Assets Investing
Jasmine N. Richards
Head of Diverse Manager Research
Simon Hallett
Head, Climate Strategy
Alex Koriath
Head of European Pension Practice & Regional Head of Germany
Chris Ivey
Head of European Private Client Practice
Jeff Blazek
Head of Healthcare Practice
Kevin Harney
Head of Investment Risk Management
Adam Duncan
Head of Investment Science
Sona Menon
Head of North American Pension Practice
Sean McLaughlin
Head of Southeast Regional Endowment & Foundation Practice
Craig White
Head of West & Southwest Regional Endowment & Foundation Practice
Eric Hinkel
Head of Portfolio Implementation Management
Liqian Ma
Head of Sustainable & Impact Investing Research
Heather Jablow
Head of the Private Client Practice, North America
Aaron Costello
Regional Head for Asia
Eugene Snyman
Regional Head for Australia & New Zealand
Mark Oshida
Regional Head for Middle East & Africa
Bridget Sproles
Co-Head of Healthcare Practice
Hamilton Lee
Co-Head of Healthcare Practice