Coalition is the leading provider of cyber insurance and security, combining comprehensive insurance and proactive cybersecurity tools to help businesses manage and mitigate cyber risk.






Org chart

Joshua Motta
Co-Founder & CEO

Joshua Motta

Chung-Man Tam
Chief Product Officer
Simon Tisminezky
Head of Growth
Ariane Flieger
Head of Global Talent
George Bozanin
Managing Partner & Head of Strategic Agency Management (Canada)
Bob Wilkinson
Head of Engineering
Marcin Weryk
Head of Business Development
Doug Ireland
Head of Finance
Sam Weaver
Head of Insurance Operations
Michael Carr
Head of Risk Engineering, North America
Chris Clark
Head of Information Security/IT
Jonathan Thomas
Head of Customer Success
Erik Brown
Head of Brand
Dovid Tkatch
Head of Insurance Infrastructure & Actuarial Science
Chris Hendricks
Head of Coalition Incident Response (CIR)
Shawn Ram
Head of Insurance
Abi Ravindra
Head of Web & Digital
Stephen Wares
Head of Risk Engineering, Europe
Vanessa Vargas-Land
Head of Legal & Compliance
Catherine Lyle
Head of Claims/Attorney
Andrew Gates
Head Of Partnerships
Dennis Fitzgerald
Head of Financial Controls
Wilson Zhao
Head of Special Projects
Sisi Liu
Head of Strategic Initiatives & Special Projects, P&C