Coro Northern California

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Coro Northern California develops diverse individuals, spanning the career and educational spectrum, to become innovative leaders. For over 70 years, Coro has developed a pipeline of leaders who work across party lines, sectors, and boundaries to improve our world at a local, regional, national, and... Read more





Org chart

Laney Whitcanack

Lauren Haworth
Senior Director of Finance and Operations
Angela Pang
Director of Program Management
Debbie Franco
Managing Director, Water Solutions Network
Courtney Young-Law
Vice President, Programs & Leadership Training
Clifford Yee
Sr. Director of Training
Shaya Kara
Director of Alumni and Donor Engagement
Diana Bricknell
Senior Program Manager
Eugene Hillsman
Deputy Director of Equity & Inclusion
Carolyn Wang Kong
President & Executive Director
Omar Leal
Civic Leadership Director
Angelica Dowell
Network Manager
Bella Dickson
Program & Administrative Coordinator
Silvia Ahn
Emerging Leadership Facilitator
Angel Lau
Recruitment & Revenue Manager