Energy Impact Partners


Energy Impact Partners (EIP) is a global investment platform leading the transition to a sustainable energy future. EIP brings together entrepreneurs and the world's most forward-looking utilities and operating companies to advance innovation.





Org chart

Hans Kobler
Founder & Managing Partner

Hans Kobler

Joshua Feldman
Co-Founder, Partner, General Counsel & Chief Operating Officer
Michael Donnelly
Co-Founder, Partner & Chief Risk Officer
Peter Fox-Penner
Chief Strategy Officer
Michael E. Webber
Chief Technology Officer
Anthony Oni
Managing Partner, Elevate Future Fund
Lindsay Luger
Co-Founder & Partner
Sameer Reddy
Managing Partner, Venture

Managing Partners, Europe

Harry Giovani
Managing Partner & CEO, Energy Impact Partners Credit
Kevin C. Fitzgerald
Partner & Chief Utility Officer
Niloofar Razi Howe
Senior Operating Partner
Tal Sheynfeld
Managing Partner, Energy Impact Partners Credit
Mark Lantrip
Operating Partner
James P. Laurito
Operating Partner
Arthur Pierse
Venture Partner Ireland
Evan Pittman
MD, Research & Innovation
Adam James
MD & Head, Customer Experience
Albert Abaunza
Compliance Officer
Vida Asiegbu
Cassie Bowe

VPs, Research & Innovation

Sam Bursten
Vice President
Matt Bisgyer
Vice President
Tansel Ismail
Vice President
Kevin Kelly
Vice President
Joshua Kamali
Vice President
Aumri Esdaille
Associate Vice President
Steven Simone
MD & Head, Investor Relations
Radhika Iyer
MD & Head, Marketing
Andy Lubershane
Partner & Head, Research
Seungmin Yi
Ryan Spencer
Sofia Raziq
Investor, Credit
Matthew Lynch
Associate, Strategy & Innovation
Karla Vicente
Associate, Events & Operations
Geneva Werner
Associate, Research & Innovation
Chelsea Chetcuti
Executive Assistant
Carola Kamphausen
Executive Assistant
Nancy Rowland
Executive Assistant
Morgan Price
Executive Assistant
Miho Kurosaki
Vice President, Asia Pacific
Kiera Jackson
Analyst, Research & Innovation
Claudia Solleder
Senior Executive Assistant
Camilla Kobler
Analyst, Customer Experience