Global Infrastructure Partners

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Global Infrastructure Partners (GIP) is an independent fund that invests in infrastructure assets worldwide. GIP works in partnership with the public sector and other stakeholders to improve infrastructure for the community by drawing on its global capability and applying industrial best practice to... Read more





Org chart

Adebayo Ogunlesi
Founding Partner, Chairman & CEO

Adebayo Ogunlesi

Michael McGhee
Founding Partner & Deputy Chairman
Raj Rao
Partner, President & COO
Rob Siegel
Managing Director & Chief Technology Officer
Celeste Mellet
Partner & CFO
Nicole Hantman
Managing Director & Chief Human Resources Officer
Bob O’brien
Managing Director & Chief Risk Officer
Lori Gish
Managing Director & Chief Administrative Officer
Kristin Johnson
MD & Chief Compliance Officer
Gregg Myers
Partner & CFO of GIP's Funds
Vineet Nagpal
Managing Director, GIP Credit Chief Risk Officer
Manish Jindal
Managing Director, GIP India CFO
Mark Levitt
Chief of Staff
Ben Daniel
Chief of Staff
Jim Yong Kim
Partner, Vice Chairman
Julie Ashworth
Partner & General Counsel
Lucy Chadwick
Partner & Head of ESG
Rob Stewart
Managing Partner, GIP Australia
Jonathan Bram
Founding Partner
Matt Harris
Founding Partner
Bill Woodburn
Founding Partner
Tom Horton
Ari Droga
Nick Hume
GIP Australia Partner
Steve Cheng
GIP Credit Partner
Denny Sreckovic
GIP Credit Partner
Jinping Sun
GIP Emerging Markets Partner
Sharad Malhotra
GIP Emerging Markets Partner
Aditya Aggarwal
GIP India Partner
Milind Joshi
GIP India Partner
Ray Nadarajah
GIP Emerging Markets Partner
Christy Silvester
GIP Credit Partner
Amit Shetye
General Counsel, GIP India
Jon Plavnick
GIP Credit Managing Director
Robert Hetu
GIP Credit Managing Director
Jim Cleary
Managing Director
Annabel Wiscarson
Managing Director & Head of Investor Relations
Noah Keys
Managing Director, Investor Relations
Mustafa Riffat
Managing Director & Head of Communications