Harvard Maintenance

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Harvard Maintenance is one of the largest and fastest growing providers of high quality managed services in the United States.





Org chart

Stanley K. Doobin

Brian Rauch
Chief Legal Officer & General Counsel
Dave Domlija
EVP, Client Engagement
Chadwick Burns
VP, Environmental, Health, & Safety
Steve Krines
SVP Field Sales
Mislim Velija (Mike)
Director Of Process Optimization
Bianca Espinosa
Vice President Revenue Management Operations
Kristy Elmore
Vice President, Commercial Operations & Marketing
Adam McHale
Director Of Operations
Al Pahumi
Director OF Operation Marble Division
Dan Quick
Director Of Operations
Dionicio Pais III
Director Of Operations
Kip Childers
Director Of Business Development
Makenzie Davidson
Regional Director Of Operations
Meilyn Parajo
Sr. Director Of Corporate Programs And Administration
Nancy Ajdacic Rpa
Director Of Operations - Chicago
Paul Carey
Director Of Operations - MN Branch
Tatijana Domlija Susa
Vice President, HR Operations
Stacy Wrobel
Senior Project Manager
Elizabeth Carreto
Senior Project Manager
Zoraya Perez
Project Manager
Oziel MacIas
Assistant Operations Manager