Idyllwild Arts

Idyllwild Arts is a close-knit community of students and teachers who share a love of the arts and a commitment to learning.





Org chart

Pamela Jordan
Palencia Turner
SVP, Advancement
Laura Sherman
VP, Campus Planning & Facilities Management
Tara Sechrest
VP, Enrollment Management & Strategic Partnerships
Lisa Lady
VP, Finance
Dana Albright
VP, Marketing & Communications
Jeanette Louise Yaryan
Assistant Head of School, Music Faculty
Daniel Gray
Director of Student Life
Jonathan Wickremasinghe-Kuhn
Director of College Counseling
Becky Ackley
Director of Summer Enrollment
Elaine Huddleston
Director of Student Information & Registrar
Eric Bulrice
Director of Program Operations
Shaliyah Ben
Director, Native American Arts Program
Chris Stroud
Director of Dining Services
Daniel Bassin
Dean of Students
Eric Bolton
Dean of Students
Megan Kenyon
Day Student Coordinator & Student Operations Administrative Assistant