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Intelligent Demand is a leading B2B revenue growth agency focused on growing revenue with strategy, creative, media, technology, & data.





Org chart

John Common
Founder & CEO

John Common

Joel Mischke
Chief Financial & Operations Officer
Mike Swainey
VP, Growth Consulting
Rachel Lamie
VP, Integrated Growth Strategy
Becky Granger
VP, RevOps
Doug Dropinski
Senior Delivery Operations Director, Project Management
Ben Marshall
Creative Director
Aaron Owens
Director of RevOps Strategy
Anne-Marie Coughlin
Director of People Operations
Fatima Manning
Senior Project Manager
Ang Layman
Senior Project Manager
Jess Pearce
Project Manager
Lauren Turori
Senior Account Manager, Integrated Growth Strategy
Joanne Iglesias
Media & Analytics Manager
Leslie Schmitt
Senior Account Manager, Integrated Growth Strategy
Erika Wyld
Account Supervisor
Melanie Darienzo
Executive Consultant, Go-To-Market Consulting & Growth Planning
Carol Romashko
Executive Consultant, Healthcare, Go-to-Market & Product Strategy
Dennis Carlson
Executive Consultant, Healthcare, Broker & Consultant, Marketing
Garrett Cole
Executive Advisor, Go-To-Market Strategy & Sales Acceleration
Jeremy Shere
Executive Consultant, Content Strategy & Executive Producer